We are delighted and excited to announce we have come to an agreement with the owner of one of the best preserved gun batteries on the Atlantic Wall, in France, to carry out a long term project on the site.

The history…In 1943, on a hill near the town of Querqueville, the Germans started to build a gun battery within the confines of a 19th Century coastline fortification. This battery was intended to protect the western flank of the important port city of Cherbourg, which lay just five kilometres to the east. After the Allied landings in Normandy on 6th June 1944 (D-day) and their rapid break-out from the beach-head, the whole of the Cotentin Peninsula was isolated on 18th June. On 25th June, the Allies placed naval vessels around Cherbourg and several of the German gun batteries opened fire. The guns from the battery achieved several hits, including on the American battleship USS Texas and HMS Glasgow.

On 26th June, the battery was attacked from the rear by American infantry and was put out of action, playing no further part in the battle for Cherbourg, which raged for a week and finally ended with the surrender of all German forces on 1 July 1944.

Our project…The first stage of the project will take place in the Summer of 2019 and will focus on the survey and excavation of the trench system, bunkers and other structures on the site. During the brief Recce, which took place in August, a simple walk around and poke of the undergrowth revealed artefacts from the barracks and medical centre as well as several preserved guns.

We will be looking for 25 individuals to assist with the project working under the supervision of archaeologists and experts in conflict archaeology. We are now looking to secure sponsorship and invite a small number of ‘guests’ who will pay a small contribution to take part in this exciting and unique project. Please contact, nicholas@soldieron.org.uk for info.