We run our own projects as well as partner with other archaeology and heritage organisations.

Our heritage based projects have demonstrated value as a vehicle for delivering personal development, specifically to support employability and career transition efforts by showcasing participants’ abilities, helping them to gain clarity on their personal goals and to reintegrate into mainstream society as self-sufficient, motivated, productive and happier individuals.

Each project involves a planning phase, execution and report writing.  On-site, activities include, logistics, catering, surveying, mapping, digging, trowelling, photography, filming, recording, making notes, drawing, cleaning, analysing and preserving finds, cataloguing, displaying artefacts, organising open days, presenting lecturettes, public displays and educational talks, visiting local areas of historic interest and of course the all important return of the site to the owner in good order!

Our projects run for anything between 3 to 14 days.  It is requested that you join us for the duration of the project, however, if this is not possible please talk to us and we will make every effort to include you.

Whilst we encourage participants to take part in all activities nobody is ever pressurised into doing this they do not wish to do, but we do ask you to get out of your comfort zone and give things a go, all of which will be done in a supportive and safe environment.

All participants will receive a comprehensive project plan that should answer any questions you may have before attending.