“‘Soldier On!’ does something that other groups like the ‘Career Transition Partnership’ (CTP) for instance cannot do. It offers the personal touch to soldiers that are very often leaving the Armed Forces under very stressful circumstances having possibly been injured in service and in need of extra help. The CTP specialises in people leaving the forces voluntarily and en-masse something it is good at. “Soldier On!” however takes a different approach, pro-actively taking the appropriate candidate to the appropriate employer rather than waiting for the employer to come to the candidate. I believe it is this approach that makes ‘Soldier On!'”

“The experience and guidance I have received has enabled me to choose an alternative career in something I love doing, my only regret is that the excellent “Soldier On!” initiative was not available when I originally left the forces.”

“Until I met Soldier On! I felt like I was just a mutilated body. Now, thanks to the charity, I have a future”

“I can categorically say that this charity completely changed my life for the better. I did not consider myself as having any sort of future until I found Soldier On!”

“I feel a little glow inside with some hope at last”

“I am looking at starting the internship on Monday, I am very excited about this!!!”

“We still have a long way to go, but even the first meeting provided more to me than all the inadequate and shotgun approached courses I have been directed to previously”

“I am enjoying the program and am loving learning about myself. Wow! It turns out that the army was not the best thing for me (easy to see with 20:20!) I am looking forward to moving forward and getting back into work. I enjoy our sessions together and also enjoy the exercises. I am finding that the exercises and sessions have almost a ‘gravitational pull’ effect allowing me to focus on myself, work out who I am and what sort of sector that I would like to work in. It is still a work in progress, but I am enjoying the journey”

“I am very grateful to Soldier On! for all their help and the support they have given me. I would highly recommend them to any other service person. With Soldier On’s help I can continue to support and provide for my family.”

“My situation now is brilliant! I’ve got a job through direct connections from Soldier On! Not something that would have happened if I had just gone through the run of the mill system that everybody gets. Soldier on! has completely changed my life and prospects!”