Soldier On! is committed to doing our bit to reduce any impact our activities have on the environment. We’ve spoken to professionals, assessed our impact and have committed to the following:

  • We will continue to provide recycling bins in the field, something we have always done
  • We are in the process of securing reusable water bottles to give to every participant on our fieldwork projects
  • We will continue to promote ‘car sharing’, filling cars to take people to the site each day as well as connecting participants before each project who live near each other so they can come together in the car
  • We will continue to reduce our energy usage by providing communal catering, as we did on our last dig and includes vegetarian meals
  • In addition to existing roles such as Fire Marshall, site security, cleaning and catering support, future projects will include a Carbon Footprint Monitor who will ensure lights and heating are switched off, ensure cars are filled, and make sure all the rubbish is recycled
  • We always try to purchase long-life and reusable food and in bulk so less packaging. Any fresh food that is left over we give to participants who are returning to an empty fridge
  • Our aim is to purchase products which are local, organic and farm-assured, and free-range poultry products. However, this does add considerable cost and is therefore heavily donation dependent
  • We are aiming to have 100% paperless administration. Currently, all our project planning activities are paperless. Where it isn’t we aim to use eco-friendly or FSC certified
  • We monitor the mount of carbon we produce. For our last two week project we produced 0.91 tonnes of carbon
  • From now on, we will try to offset our carbon generation by planting trees that will not only reduce the damage to environment we have caused but will also create a living memory to the people who took part in the projects – We have committed to plant four native trees at the site of the our last project

This is our commitment to helping protect not only our environment but also the heritage that we are exploring. We are already being approached by other organisations who have been seeking advice on how they can develop their own initiatives and we are more than happy to share any ideas with anyone. If you have any suggestions or comments please contact us via