Manchester Metropolitan University and Solider On!, in association with Liverpool John Moores University and the Heritage Lottery Fund, are hosting a one-day workshop entitled, ‘Therapy and Wellbeing through Heritage Fieldwork’ on the 4th March 2019, to be held at Manchester Metropolitan University. 

The aim is to pool expert knowledge and experience to provide a starting point for the creation of a ‘Good Practice Guide’ for any organisation working within the heritage space to use, to ensure projects protect vulnerable individuals’ well-being, health, safety and welfare, whilst participating in heritage projects. 

The reason we are doing this is as a result of conversations that have taken place at various heritage conferences where it has been made clear by some organisers of heritage activities, whose participants have included vulnerable individuals, that they don’t always have the knowledge or guidance required to meet the highest standards in ‘Duty of care’.  Further discussions led to us wondering, what for example could the consequences be where an unqualified person engages in medical interventions?

A ‘Good Practice Guide’ will help staff at all levels to understand the issues they need to be aware of, the dangers that might arise, and how best they can support their colleagues and participants during their activities.

In addition to discussing the practical application of safeguarding on-site, we will also examine how organisations can ensure data collection for impact assessments, or other forms of research, is conducted ethically and to approved academic research standards.

Rather than approaching this solely from a ‘heritage’ perspective we are bringing together a range of professionals from various fields including health and research to engage in this workshop.  This will help ensure that best practice, in meeting the needs of participants and staff in heritage projects, are met.

Please note, this is an invitation only event and invitations have already been posted. Thank you.