Just over a third of UK employees are expecting to see their wages rise in the next 12 months, according to the new UK Employment Confidence Survey (Q1 2014) from jobs community Glassdoor.

Some 34 per cent of workers said they were anticipating a pay increase over the coming year. Certain regions fared particularly strongly, with the figure rising to 43 per cent in the East of England, 40 per cent in the south-east and 38 per cent in both the Midlands and south-west.

Yet staff in areas such as Scotland, the north-east and Yorkshire did not share these levels of optimism. All of these regions saw less than three in ten workers saying they expected wages to rise. Surprisingly, it was London which fared worst, with less than a quarter of employees saying the same.

Overall it seems that the picture is patchy around the UK, with 38 per cent of respondents telling Glassdoor their companies had started large-scale recruitment in the past six months. Nearly half have also awarded new company benefits and a quarter restored some of those that had been cut in recent years.

On the other hand, a number of organisations appear to still be struggling – among those who said their organisation had made negative changes, just over half said there had been either planned or completed redundancies.

Even so, the picture is fairly stable for UK employers. A third of workers, including self-employed individuals, believe their company’s prospects will get better in the next six months. Another 56 per cent expect conditions to stay the same, while just ten per cent envision the situation becoming worse.

In general, workers feel secure in their roles and do not expect their personal circumstances to worsen. Just a fifth said they were worried about being made redundant over the next six months, while another three in ten were confident that if the worst should happen, they would be able to find another suitable position during the same timeframe.

Interestingly, these sentiments were strongest in Wales, where the figure increased to 42 per cent.