A qualified geo-archaeologist with extensive experience in field work, post-excavation report writing, research and public presentation. Located in Wales and willing to relocate for the right position within non-excavation roles such as finds and consultancy.


  • MA Ancient and Medieval Warfare, Cardiff, ongoing part-time, taught modules
  • MPhil Humanities, University of South Wales
  • MA Classical Studies, with merit OU
  • MA Historic Landscapes, University of South Wales
  • MA Scientific Methods in Archaeology, Bradford. 
  • BA Humanities, 2.1 OU.  All credits were taken within the field of Classical Studies.
  • BSc Science, 2.1, OU
  • BSc Geological Oceanography, 2.2, Bangor
  • BA Archaeology, 2.1, University of Wales, Cardiff
  • Diploma of Classical Studies, OU
  • Certificate of Astronomy and Planetary Science, OU
  • Certificate of Environmental Studies, distinction, Exeter
  • Certificate of Land Surveying, UCL
  • A-levels, Pure and Applied Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry
  • O-Levels, Additional Mathematics, English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Twentieth Century History, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering Drawing, French, German.

Work Experience:

He has worked on short-term projects within archaeology since 1987, both voluntary and professional and both full and part time.  In total, this equates to the equivalent of over two years full time excavation experience with the equivalent of another two years surveying and over six years of post-excavation and finds work.  This covers a wide range of sites including intertidal Mesolithic sites on the Severn Estuary, PPN sites in the Near East, Neolithic monuments in Wiltshire, various Roman and Medieval sites both in the UK and abroad and abandoned post-WWII defences.  He also has experience of Geological, Environmental and Oceanographic field work as well as commercial land surveying experience including standing building work.

Recent Work Experience:

In July 2018, he joined a project run by the charity, Soldier On! on a Roman site in Caerwent. In April 2018, the charity invited him to be the Project Director for a two-week project on a medieval religious site in Yorkshire. They have since asked him to become a Voluntary Archaeology Consultant

Since June 2017, he has been volunteering in the post-excavation department of a professional Archaeology company

Since July 2011, he has worked as a volunteer for a museum interpreting the collection for members of the public, qualifying as Gallery Supervisor and Research Assistant

Since January 2005, he has worked as a volunteer at a national museum, researching and cataloguing finds.

Special Aptitudes:

He has published written specialist reports and delivered conference papers on Conflict Archaeology, Landscape Archaeology, Geomorphological reconstruction from historical sources, Roman Pottery and Archaeometallurgy. In addition, he is an experienced small finds specialist with extensive experience in public presentation to all levels from primary school up to specialist professional conferences.


Arabic, French, German and Welsh conversation.

Specialist translation capabilities in Classical Greek, French, German, Italian, Latin, Old English and Welsh in order to undertake finds research or desktop surveys.


Astronomy, Martial Arts (Fencing, Kung Fu, Modern Street), Wargaming.

Soldier On! Comments:

We have been hugely impressed with this individual’s abilities to carry out archaeological excavations to national standards, ensuring that records are kept correctly and that all participants received the proper training enabling them to carry out their tasks correctly and confidently.

We originally invited him to participate in an inclusive archaeology project in Wales and were immediately struck by the fact that he walked every day from his home to the site, some two and a half miles. He quickly demonstrated his ability to manage small teams, to teach and encourage others, and to complete surveys and post-project work to a highly professional standard.  So impressed were we, that we invited him to be the Project Director for our next excavations which has led to his being offered a place as a volunteer archaeological consultant with the charity.

Professional life has not been easy for this individual. His disability has clearly prevented him from being given paid employment opportunities that we have no doubt he would be able to conduct. Whilst he has certain physical limitations, we have seen time and again how he manages himself and has never failed to complete a task for us that wasn’t to time and of a high standard.  What he needs is someone now to look beyond his perceived disability and give him a chance to shine as we do not doubt he will.

If you are able to help this individual network, and interview, for permanent employment please contact nicholas@soldieron.org.uk thank you very much indeed.