Gill  Gill has returned from Belgium, having completed the ‘100km Dodentocht’.  (Dutch for ‘Death March’!) Gill has only recently become a Trustee of Soldier On! and in a short time has done a huge amount for the charity from raising our profile within her industry network to completing this recent effort.  We are very grateful.   This year, whilst raising funds for us, Gill also committed to carrying out a more personal mission.  Throughout the march she carried, in her hand, a stretcher handle that had been used in Afghanistan and is now a symbol used to relay a message of hope and courage to our nation.  This small rubber and metal tube, forming a part of that which had taken wounded and dying service personnel from the battlefield gave Gill the edge she needed to complete her challenge.  (She attempted this march last year and had to pull out after 50km with some pretty nasty blisters.)   Having a break is not an option for the individuals who rush their comrades to life-saving treatment, often under intense enemy fire, and there was no way that Gill could let herself stop this year.

The money Gill is raising will be used to continue to help medically discharged armed forces personnel to learn how to make career based decisions so that they can find fulfilling and meaningful civilian employment.  Our help is on offer to anyone who has been medically discharged regardless of the nature of the injury or illness, time served, rank, or  date of discharge.  We are committed to providing our 2 day workshops to many more people so if you are a Welfare Officer, IERO, Regimental/Unit Association, veterans’ charity, or any organisation that works with md’d veterans then please get in touch to book a course! To thank Gill for her efforts please visit: