Social media giant LinkedIn has announced that is has rolled out a series of new product updates, designed to make it easier for recruiters to find the right talent.

In a post for the company’s blog, vice-president of product Parker Barille says that he has introduced new functions that will make it easier for recruiters to find and keep the best employees – which will in turn help candidates to find the right positions.

The updates, which were first announced yesterday (April 10th) at the ConnectIn conference in San Francisco, include a new version of the Recruiter Profile page.

Following on from close to a year of work on redesigning LinkedIn Recruiter, which also saw users given the facility to upload videos and pictures to their profiles, the new page incorporates an algorithm that allows recruiters to see similar candidates to the one they are already viewing.

It also includes new features that offer recruiters simpler access to rich and useful member information, meaning it is easier to assess a candidate’s skills and experience and then contact them.

So what does this mean for job hunters? Ultimately, it puts even more emphasis on the quality of the information contained in the candidate’s profile.

LinkedIn has already made it easier for candidates to learn more about recruiters so they choose who they should contact. Now it’s providing recruiters with a fuller picture of the kind of candidates that are available to them.

Though this could mean there is greater competition for certain roles, it is also likely to mean that candidates with strong profiles have a better chance of being found. Regularly updating your profile with as much relevant information as possible to give a full and honest picture of your skillset and experience is now more important than ever.

One of the other updates to LinkedIn, which will directly benefit job hunters, is the chance to see other vacancies within their own organisations. Candidates who are interested in trying out different roles that better reflect their abilities will be able to view internal positions, allowing them to advance their career or even move sideways into different roles.