Frederick Windsor has become the President of the charity Soldier On! who provide an education in career transition management to medically discharging armed forces personnel and veterans who were medically discharged.

Frederick Windsor works as a banker at J.P. Morgan.  We are extremely grateful to him for the interest he has shown in our work.  From our very first conversation, Freddie understood both our work, and the challenges we faced and he immediately discussed his ideas to help the charity and it’s beneficiaries.  His enthusiasm is refreshing and has already contributed to an increased optimism for all involved.  We are thrilled to welcome him as the new President of Soldier On! He says,

“I am delighted to have accepted the role of President of Soldier On! The Charity is dedicated to supporting veterans, of all ages, who have been medically discharged and are in need of support, together with their families. It is imperative that we enable these men and women, who have often made enormous sacrifices, to re-join the workforce, after their service careers in roles best suited to their abilities and ambitions. 

I look forward to assisting Soldier On! to raise its profile and deliver its mission: ‘to enable service personnel who have been discharged for to any medical reason to receive an education in career transition management and personal development, and thereby live independent and self-sufficient lives.’ 

Given the charity’s on-going commitment to current MoD programmes, relationships with specific regiments and transitioning personnel based in Germany, I also look forward to assisting the charity with ongoing fundraising and awareness-building efforts.”