We are excited to announce our next inclusive community archaeology project which will be run on a site near Liverpool in partnership with NW Heritage.

Starting on the 4th August and finishing on the 18th August, it will focus on one of the largest Mediaeval castles built in the UK. It was also the site of two major sieges during the English Civil War.

The main objective of this year’s excavations is to continue to explore an area on the site that has suspected castle structures and evidence of the siege. This area has produced large amounts of pottery, glass, glazed floor tiles, animal bones, musket balls and a cannon ball.

This project is open to anybody regardless of education levels or experience. However, as usual, we will prioritise applications from individuals with armed forces and non-military uniformed service backgrounds as well as people who are struggling to fit into mainstream society and have never experienced archaeology before.

The cost for attendance is only £100 for the full two weeks or £10 per day for a minimum of three days.

Closing date for completed applications is Sunday 29 July

We have secured funding to ensure individuals who meet our charitable objectives or students of Liverpool John Moores University will only be charged £20 for the duration of the excavations.

Camping facilities are available on request.

To enquire about or apply for a place please contact us on:


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