About the Personal Career Management Programme

Making the transition from military to civilian life can be a difficult one. Finding the right career is central to establishing a fulfilling path along the journey into the civilian world.

Our approach is unique. We educate our students to manage their own careers; engendering self-sufficiency, confidence and dignity, as well as offering the best chance for students to move into fulfilling, long term careers rather than a succession of short term jobs. We take time to work with our students individually, helping them to realise their unique and authentic capabilities, talents and values, rather than taking a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Our Personal Career Management Programme empowers our students to better understand who they are, where they want to go and how they are going to get there. The answers to these questions allow us to support students into roles which are relevant to them.

Students are introduced to tools necessary for managing their successful transition within the world of work. They are encouraged to develop the skills to identify clearly what talents they want to use and which environments fit with their personal values. They will also develop critical self-analysis, problem solving, reflection, research, social media and self-presentation skills to increase their effectiveness as independent self-learners.

Students will be assessed on both reflective reports and individual presentation. The purpose of both is to allow students to demonstrate their understanding of themselves and the employment opportunities open to them and their ability to present themselves authentically to prospective employers. Each element of the course will also be assessed by tutors, external recruiters and peers.

The programme is free to service leavers and veterans who have been medically discharged from the British armed forces, whether wounded on operations, sustained injuries whilst serving or have been discharged through any other forms of ill health.

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Programme Outline

Phase One: Foundation Module (2 days)

This two day residential module gives students the opportunity to become more self-aware.

The following topics are covered on this module:

  • Introduction to why and how we look at things differently
  • Realising our complete capabilities
  • Individual self-audit
  • Environmental impact on career wellbeing
  • Understanding one’s aspirations and ambitions – What we want out of life and how a career helps to provide for our needs
  • Navigating a route forward – gathering the right information and enabling sound decision making

Students are given homework activities to complete before the next phase.


Phase Two: Individual Review 1 (1 hour)

The Individual Review is the first of several focussed one to one sessions. This session is delivered via Skype or telephone and reviews the student’s homework activities from Phase One.

During this session students will be set a research task looking at sectors/industries of particular interest to them.


Phase Three: Individual Review 2 (1 hour)

This Individual Review is delivered face-to-face. It will start with reviewing the assignment from Phase Two, from which the student will pick a sector/industry of interest to focus on.

Using this area of interest, students are guided through constructing a tailored and focussed CV.


Phase Four: Individual Consolidation (1 hour)

This phase of the programme assesses student’s progress around three key questions:

  1. Are students clear about who they are?
  2. Can they accurately describe their capabilities?
  3. Can they demonstrate their immediate objectives clearly?
  4. Can they demonstrate their practical research skills?

This face-to-face session ensures that students are in a position to gain the most out of the next phase.


Phase Five: Interviewing and Personal Branding (1 day)

This residential day focusses on interview practice and individual marketing. Students will have the opportunity to receive expert feedback on their video recorded practice interviews.

This day includes tuition on personal branding and social media.


Phase Six: Support Coaching

The formal programme concludes with a face-to-face coaching session pulling together everything the student has learnt from the programme and ensuring that the student has an appropriate action plan.

Soldier On! is committed to ensuring that all students are supported in their ongoing career management and also recognises that students develop at different paces. Tutors are able to provide additional coaching sessions throughout the Programme where this is required to support the student. We also offer ongoing support coaching whilst students continue to research and network in their sectors/industries of interest.


Accommodation and Travel

The venue for the residential phases of the programme will be confirmed shortly.

The residential package includes on-site accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Unfortunately we are unable to cover travel costs.


Booking Information

To encourage ongoing peer support and networking, the residential elements of the programme are run on a cohort basis. Cohorts have no more than six students and a minimum of four. Residential dates are fixed for each cohort. Dates and times for coaching sessions will be agreed between the student and programme tutor.

There is limited opportunity for students to move between cohorts in exceptional circumstances. Please speak with a member of the programme team if you have any queries about dates.

The course is free to attend for service leavers and veterans who have been medically discharged from the British armed forces. However, the actual cost to Soldier On! is £1800 per person and we would greatly appreciate donations, grants and fundraising events to support the ongoing programme delivery.

Places must be book at least four weeks before the start of Phase One. If you wish to book a place on the programme, please email admin@soldieron.org.uk and a member of the programme team will contact you.


Programme Delivery Options

As well as our planned open course dates, we are able to deliver the programme ‘in-house’. We have worked with other charities, armed forces units and regiments to deliver our programmes.

If you would like to discuss hosting the programme, please email nicholas@soldieron.org.uk.