Soldier On! is an authorised delivery partner of Transperformance TM 

We are all regularly affected by change.  Our environments and relationships continually alter and sometimes we are affected by ‘life-changing’ events resulting in periods of complete transition. We tend to adapt accordingly, making the best of our situation, or so we think…

When change happens, sadly too many of us feel pressured into following the crowd, doing things that will keep other people happy, accepting second best or eventually giving up and accepting our lot. Such approaches to change in our lives can be stressful and, if badly managed, can upset both our psychological and physical well-being.  What stops us from flourishing in a new situation, causes inaction or in-fulfilment, is often a limited belief in one’s self.  But that leaves us asking, ‘Who am I?’ and, ‘Where do I want to go?’ and these are often the most difficult question to answer. 

The Soldier On! programme aims to create positive change by helping participants to gain clarity about who you really are, what you want out of life and how you can achieve your ambitions. This can be especially helpful if you are thinking about a career change.  When you’re sending out hundreds of CVs and getting no replies or rejections, you don’t really know what it is you want to do, or indeed how to find out, your constantly ‘told’ what you should be doing! This is the time to regain control in your life and we can help you with this.  

Transperformance – ‘Self-Awareness’ – ‘Self-Direction’ – ‘Self-Presentation’.