Soldier On! is an authorised delivery partner of Transperformance TM 
We are all regularly affected by change.  Our environments and relationships continually alter and sometimes we are affected by ‘life-changing’ events resulting in periods of complete transition. When we are ready to start the journey to securing a productive and meaningful life, we tend to adapt accordingly, making the best of our situation, or so we think…

When change happens, sadly too many of us feel pressured into following the crowd, doing things that will keep other people happy, accepting second best or eventually giving up and accepting our lot. Such approaches to change in our lives can be stressful and, if badly managed, can upset both our psychological and physical well-being.  What stops us from flourishing in a new situation, what causes inaction or unfulfillment, is often a limited belief in one’s self.  But that leaves us asking, ‘Who am I?’ and, ‘Where do I want to go?’ and these are often the most difficult question to answer.


Run alongside the heritage projects, we aim to improve psychological health and well-being and create positive change by helping participants to become more aware of their value and purpose in life.  We aim to discover what meaning their is to an individual’s life, what is it all for? This process can be hugely beneficial to job-seekers, those who feel ‘stuck in a rut’, are finding a new place for themselves in life following a period of personal trauma such as an injury, abuse, homelessness or poor mental health.

It is expected that all participants will have a genuine desire to use their time with us to fully engage with the personal development activities running alongside the practical heritage projects.  We are not a heritage charity, we are not here to organise ‘jollies’. We are a well-being and personal development charity that has found heritage projects to provide a great working environment to help people who are genuinely suffering and wish to increase their self-confidence levels, to identify their life goals and be able to better present their requirements to recruitment consultants, job interviewers, or further education enrolment.


In addition to the field-based work, we recognise that some people cannot, or indeed don’t want to, spend a week or so on a heritage project.  This is not a problem, and we regularly run a two-day intensive Transperformance course delivered in North Yorkshire.   These courses can be either residential or, when working in collaboration with other charities, schools or government departments, can be delivered at your location.


Our two-day course aims to show participants the way to become more aware of who they are and what they need out of life, as well employment. They will be taught, and receive practical support, so that they will be able to identify their authentic skills and, arguably more importantly, natural abilities, their values and most suited environments. We will introduce them to a method of self-analysis, problem solving, reflection, researching, personal branding and self-presentation without using computer-based testing. With our help, rather than endlessly re-writing CVs and going through never-ending and tortuous job-applications, participants will create a ‘blue-print’ for life that should see them experience a more focused journey to secure a fulfilling future.
Timings: 9:30 am to approx. 5:00pm.

Please contact for further information.