With a PhD looking at the value of community achaeology, having conducted extensive research into the impact on well-being within an archaeological and heritage setting, having been a Finds Liaison Officer for the Portable Antiquities Scheme, and being a regular on ‘Time Team’, we are thrilled to welcome Dr Faye Sayer to the Soldier On! team as an Ambassador. 

Faye led the development of our partnership conference ​and workshop entitled, ‘Therapy and Well-Being through Heritage?’ and hosted the event at Manchester Metropolitan University, where she is a Senior Lecturer, collating all the information from the various workshops and producing the results which will be released soon.  She has given us an enormous amount of time and support already and we really are honoured to welcome her to our charity. 

Faye said, “I am seriously impressed by what Soldier On! does and most importantly, why they do it. I believe passionately that heritage-based activities can improve one’s sense of well-being and think Soldier On’s additional focus on personal development is fabulous!”

Some of Faye’s published work includes:

  • ‘Public History: A Practical Guide’
  • ‘The Values of Community Archaeology’
  • ‘Can Digging Make You Happy? Archaeological Excavations, Happiness and Heritage’
  • ‘Understanding Well-Being: A Mechanism for Measuring the Impact of Heritage Practice on Well-Being ‘
  • Politics and the Development of Community Archaeology in the UK’
  • ‘Evaluating Community Archaeology in the UK’
  • ‘Community Archaeology Under Scrutiny’.

We will massively benefit from Faye’s experience and enthusiasm for for our work and are most grateful to her. 

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