Tim is a qualified Geo-Archaeologist with extensive experience in excavation, survey, post-excavation report writing, research and public presentation. He has worked in archaeology since 1987, as a volunteer and professionally as well as both on a part and full time basis in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

He has extensive experience of geological, environmental and oceanographic fieldwork as well as commercial land surveying experience which includes building work, surveying for road schemes and land reclamation work.

Tim first volunteered with Soldier On! at our community-led inclusive archaeology project in Caerwent, in July 2018. So impressed were we with his work that we offered him the opportunity to run our most recent excavations on the site of a C12th Priory in Yorkshire. This he managed professionally and always mindful of the level of experience of our participants. What really stood out was how Tim, despite his disabilities, was on-site every day running the ‘dig’ as well as passing on his knowledge contributing to maintaining high levels of motivation and enjoyment amongst all participants. Late in the night, we would find him sitting at his desk, completing the daily administrative duties and preparing the next day’s activities.

Tim has found it hard to secure a permanent role in Archaeology recently due to his disabilities and we wish to do everything we can to ensure this individual’s capabilities will be recognised and employed soon on a salaried basis. He is a shining example of what Soldier On! has always, and will always strive to ensure, that people, like Tim, are employed because of their capabilities, value and worth, and not merely because of their situation. We cannot recommend him highly enough and, in order to continue giving him valuable work experience, especially of a managerial nature, we invited him to become an Archaeology Consultant on a voluntary basis with us. We are delighted to announce that he has accepted and will be returning with us to South Yorkshire this summer to manage the next phase of our Priory excavations.

Tim said:

“I am excited to be working with Soldier On!, both onsite and as a Consultant, as I have seen first hand the good work the charity does with respect to rehabilitating people with  medical conditions via the medium of heritage-based projects. The confidence they have shown in my abilities despite my own disabilities has been life-changing and I’ve heard similar things from others. Therefore, I regard it as a privilege to be a part of this good work as well as an opportunity to develop personally”.   Timothy E Jones MPhil (South Wales).

Please join us in welcoming Tim and thanking him for his continued commitment. Should you be interested in meeting him, with a view to exploring ways to secure a paid, permanent role, for him, please contact nicholas@soldieron.org.uk thank you.