We have received some wonderful news from Rory who has recently been a student of the Soldier On! Career Transition Management Course. He wrote to let us know his news which we share with you now,

“Unexpectedly medically discharged in late 2012, I diligently followed the ‘How to’ guidance of the Career Transition Partnership, creating a bank of role-specific CVs and completing almost proscribed retraining courses. I was lucky; I landed a work placement and job immediately. And quickly I was miserable; I was in a job I found very unrewarding and in the wrong environment. It was not long before I became very depressed.

In Feb 14 I reached out to Soldier On! for support. Soldier On! gave me the courage to challenge preconceived notions of what I was capable of or should be doing, opening up the ‘What and Why’ of my career. Soldier On! gave me the self-confidence and ability to talk authentically and credibly about what I offered the work place. Unlike the Career Transition Workshop, the process took time, but it was thorough, challenging and most-importantly enlightening.

Its now May 14 and I’ve secured a Fellowship with Scotland’s prestigious Saltire Foundation; the next year will be a challenging experience, blending world-class business learning with real-time project delivery in both global and high-growth companies, all the time trying to find my next job; but every step of the way I know I’ll be using the skills and knowledge that Soldier On! Gave me to achieve my best.”

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Rory. His high standards, charm, values and good manners, coupled with his hard working approach to his studies with us, has made our time together a complete joy. The Foundation, described as being ‘a chance in a lifetime’ for ‘Scotland’s most talented students’, has a highly competitive selective process and, whilst Rory’s suitability has never been in question, he has still worked extremely hard for this opportunity. We look forward to hearing how it goes and to be on hand for any help he asks for in the future.