Chris Tough Mudder  When our Chairman, Chris, said that he was attempting what is described as ‘probably the toughest event on the planet’, we have to confess to being a little amused.  Now those who know our dear Chairman will agree, and perhaps he will himself, that, on first glance, he is not the most athletic person one could meet, but after spending last Saturday watching him compete in the British Special Forces designed, ‘Tough Mudder’, we are eating our words.  For he, and a friend of his Ben are now proud owners of the Tough Mudder orange headband, they have done it!

First up, a plunge into a large skip full of iced water then on through the eleven mile mud and heavy clay course completing a series of obstacles.  Over the walls our Chairman hurled himself, through the water filled tunnels, zapped by electric shocks, and over a series of water filled mud banks known as ‘Mud mile’!  We followed him, as much as we could, (wanted to) from the spectator course, offering advice, pointing out the next hill, wiping the mud from his Soldier On! logo, and generally being very helpful. . . .

Both Ben and Chris completed 11 very challenging miles and all to raise funds and awareness for Soldier On! Clearly having enjoyed himself far too much, Chris has two more races this year including The Spartan Race in three week’s time.

A sponsorship page is live and all the funds received will be used to help medically discharged service personnel, no matter what the reason for their discharge, rank or date they served, to receive a bespoke career transition education and help to source suitable civilian employment.  Please visit the fundraising page  and thank you for your support!