Gill Cardy, a columnist and thought leader within the financial advisory sector has written an interesting article which makes us reflect on how clients react to their financial advisers who are in their first job. Potentially terrifying or do we respect an individual’s capacities regardless of their age?

The interesting things for us is that Gill highlights how service personnel have the potential for a seamless fit into financial advise, compliance, para-planning etc and this should hopefully allow for other industries to investigate the skills and talents of individuals to gauge their suitability for other sectors/roles that have not traditionally been filled by ex-service personnel.

In addition, we find over and over again that recruitment processes are not allowing service personal to demonstrate their transferable abilities due to a constant need for a minimum of two years civilian experience. Perhaps more businesses can help us to allow veterans to show off their abilities directly and not keep being prevented from doing so due to on-line application processes. We know that businesses have been doing their bit and we don’t agree with anyone who pokes chests demanding more is done, but we do think that practical co-operation can be mutually beneficial.

You can read Gill’s article here.