Soldier On! secures heritage-based opportunities to improve well-being and support personal development of disadvantaged, vulnerable, or socially-isolated people. Our projects are underpinned by two key pillars, support for a specific demographic and, as well as taking into account individual personal development requirements, emphasis on a core competency such as communication, creative and critical thinking, teamwork and problem-solving to name a few. It’s all designed to give people a wonderful project where they can make friends, work in a team and learn new things, and to leave the sites ready to take the first steps towards happier and independent living.

We are currently planning a project in Bristol, which involves the restoration of an historical vehicle. (We sadly cannot reveal any more yet…)

The aims of the project are:

  1. To equip a small group of people with technical skills, core competencies, and a unique work-experience
  2. To restore and preserve a highly sought after historical artefact
  3. To engender a sense of community cohesion, social integration and improve mental health/well-being.

Not coming from Bristol, although one of our Trustees was at UWE, we’d like to ask YOU to suggest who such a project might be of interest to and could positively benefit the most, or if there are any organisations we should be speaking to.

Please email with your suggestions, thank you!