A former soldier, seriously wounded in Afghanistan, who has been a long term friend of Soldier On! after seeking help in 2010 needs your assistance.  He was injured fighting the Taliban with 3 PARA in Sangin in September 2006, leaving him with multiple life-changing injuries
As part of his treatment, in 2007 he had to have a titanium cranioplasty implanted over a large portion of his brain to reconstruct his skull.  This caused him no issues until, in January 2018, it wore away his skin on his head, became infected and had to be removed – leaving him with a hand-sized portion of skull missing on his right hand side, and in constant threat of receiving further injuries due to his brain being unprotected in this area.
The NHS will provide a free titanium cranioplasty but, as this has already worn through his head once, it has been deemed to be an unsuitable option by his consultants.
A newly developed material has been recommended, at a cost of £1700, which will eventually integrate with his skull and provide a seamless, strong and secure covering for his delicate brain.  The NHS are not prepared to fund this new material, and instead want to use titanium – despite it being deemed unsuitable by his doctors.
With three small children, he is struggling day-to-day to do everyday tasks such as cook, clean and play with his kids.  He suffers constantly from headaches and vertigo as a consequence of having an incomplete skull.
We have already secured a donation of £500 to cover the cost of the new material and need to raise a further £1,200. Please can you help?
We are not going to the press with this one simply because the person in question wishes to remain anonymous.
Please contact me, nicholas@soldieron.org.uk or 07884 365 054 if you can help. Thank you.