About Soldier On!

We deliver an innovative and exciting approach to personal development that builds community cohesion, engenders respect and knowledge of history, increases self-awareness and develops skills and personality traits.

Who we are

Established in 2008 by Nicholas Harrison, who specialises in career transitions and personal development.


Lord Frederick Windsor 


Nicholas Harrison  –  Founder and occupational counsellor

Andrew Richardson  –  Outreach and Archives Manager, Canterbury Archaeological Trust

Tina Kilnan  –  Heritage Manager, Royal Military Police Museum

Who we help

We help people in need due to reasons of age, trauma, ill-health, disability, financial hardship, or other disadvantage who are looking to use the projects as a springboard into a happier future or are lonely, socially-isolated or rehabilitating after an injury and illness and wish to increase their confidence and participate in a social activity.  

We also  provide one-to-one occupational counselling to individuals who are going through a career change and need some help to plan and manage their route forward. 

Organisational courses we deliver for  organisations can be found here

What we do

Our purpose is to help people to become happier, more fulfilled and to find real meaning in their lives .

Our vision is of a world where people who have suffered from traumatic life-changing events, have been socially-isolated, vulnerable, disadvantaged or marginalised in any way, are happy and flourishing within mainstream society having secured meaningful occupations. 

Through the world of heritage and history, our mission is to create work experiences that allow participants to gain more detailed insight into their authentic personalities, clarity about their goals in life, improve confidence and self-esteem and acquire an ability to present their value and worth to secure gainful employment. (Volunteering, personal projects, further education and careers).