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Careers Support Now Available to Serving Armed Forces Personnel & Veterans.

Between 2008 and 2017, Soldier On! worked exclusively with medically downgraded armed forces personnel and medically discharged veterans. In 2017, we changed the way we work to an activities-based model delivering occupational counselling to anyone who is vulnerable or disadvantaged through participating in heritage projects and fully integrated personal development and individually-focused careers support.

During those years, working exclusively with the military, we were often asked if we could provide both our two-day group workshop and one-to-one coaching to anyone in the military, not only the medically downgraded. In addition to delivering the world's first university accredited course in 'Personal Career Management', we were told that what made us different to the traditional careers advice was our ability to help people who didn't know what they wanted to do in the civilian world, to help prepare people better who were interviewing for jobs, and that we offered a truly personal touch where you only work with one coach and everything is tailored specifically to your needs.

We are happy to announce that from today, our armed forces and veterans career transition support is now available to any resettling service personnel and any former service person.

Coaching is given by Nicholas Harrison, who has helped hundreds of military personnel and veterans to secure not just 'a job' but a job that is both something you want to do, (that gives you satisfaction), but is also one that provides the first steps to a meaningful and long-term civilian career. Alongside other work Nicholas conducts within recruitment influencing and leadership coaching, Nicholas is also a part-time mature PhD student who spends his spare time researching armed forces career transitions which has enabled him to ensure what he offers clients is the best it can be.

Businesses are increasingly turning to former service personnel as a relatively untapped pool of talent.  There is however a risk to long-term career satisfaction and productivity due to the way personnel are being presented as all being, loyal, trustworthy, great timekeepers and leaders who operate in highly pressurised environments.  This generic view of them as a group of people prevents both employer and employee from gaining insight into their authentic and individual traits, strengths, weaknesses, values, behaviour, goals and overall personality.  As a result, many former service personnel are motivated by their inherent discipline to perform their duty rather than being driven by occupying a role that has real meaning and fulfilment for them.   Working with us will help people from a military background discover who they really are, what they really want out of a career and life in general, and how this can be achieved.  This person-centred approach to career development can see an increase in confidence, resilience, happiness, productivity and ultimately career success. A former army officer said“Nicholas offers a remarkable service to those leaving the military. He offers a truly personal service, based on his own rigorous methodology and coupled with a willingness to challenge your assumptions . Ensuring you leave with a deep understanding of your motivation, talents, and transferable skills as well as a better understanding of roles outside the more well-travelled ex-military career paths. Most importantly he understands the military psyche and the unique challenge of finding the right role after a highly rewarding military career.”

We are now available to help individuals, military units and businesses with ex-military recruitment schemes and can be reached on either nicholas@soldieron.org.uk or 07884 365 054. Please contact Nicholas for an initial chat to see if what we offer can be of use to you.

One-to-one coaching only costs £55 per session and our two-day group course rate, booked by organisations, is £5,000 for up to ten participants. Please note that all revenue received through this work is used to run our heritage-based projects where we help vulnerable and disadvantaged people to become more employable.

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