• Nicholas Harrison

‘FREE Support now available to help archaeologists facing redundancy’

With over twelve years’ experience helping people who have lost their jobs to plan and manage their career transitions and having created the world's first Level 3 university accredited course in 'Personal Career Management', Soldier On! is offering its outplacement services to archaeologists.

A perfect storm is brewing in the heritage world. The combined political, cultural, financial and pandemic forces have united and, as a result, the outlook for the archaeology sector is worrying. Already archaeology departments are making redundancies as they try to ensure their survival. The sector is embarking upon an existential crisis with worrying consequences to personal finance, health and well-being.

“Soldier On! received a warm welcome into the archaeology sector when we were looking for an activity to support our beneficiaries’ personal development. Universities, local councils and commercial archaeologists have moved heaven as well as earth to give our people fantastic fieldwork experiences. The time has arrived for us to be able to give something back and help those who are having to leave the sector ” - Nicholas Harrison, founder of Soldier On!

Soldier On! was set in 2008, during the last financial crisis and has to date helped many hundreds of people to plan and manage what can be stressful and unplanned career transitions. What makes us different is that rather than simply providing job-seekers with a list of vacancies, we equip clients with the necessary tools to understand what exactly it is they wish to do, what value they have to offer a potential employer and how best to present themselves within a sea of other hungry job-seekers.


As a thank you to the many archaeologists who have given so much to the charity, archaeology companies, university and council archaeology departments can now book a FREE career transition course for your staff who are to be made redundant. Not only can this provide your people with hope, increased confidence and a plan, it will contribute to benefitting the well-being of those who remain in your employment, having seen the efforts made to support their former colleagues.

A former client said, "I engaged with Nicholas to help me clarify and define my personal statement through looking in detail at my values, talents and skills. The two-day, one-to-one workshop was outstanding and really helped me open my eyes to understand my core strengths and desires, and define my values to an employer or business."

If you would like to find out more please visit www.soldieron.org.uk or email nicholas@soldieron.org.uk to arrange a time to discuss.

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