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‘Isle of Wight volunteers sought to restore army tank'.

A charity that organises heritage-based projects for vulnerable and disadvantaged people is calling for volunteers to help restore a Conqueror tank in the Isle of Wight. .

Soldier On! has over twelve years’ experience helping vulnerable, socially-isolated or disadvantaged people to improve their well-being or employment prospects. In October 2020, the charity will help restore a Cold War era military tank housed at The Wight Military and Heritage Museum.

“Heritage-based activities provide a great opportunity for local people to work as part of a team, increase their confidence, identify their life goals, and contribute to a better understanding of their community’s history.” – Nicholas Harrison, Founder of Soldier On!

Having seamlessly integrated personal development activities within heritage projects, participants can also benefit from a work experience that allows them to demonstrate their skills to potential employers. For those participants, what makes the organisation different is that rather than simply providing job-seekers with a list of vacancies, they equip participants with the necessary tools to understand what exactly it is they wish to do, what value they have to offer a potential employer and how best to present themselves within a sea of other hungry job-seekers.

In addition to cosmetically restoring the tank, the charity is partnering with the Isle of Wight College to develop essential digital skills such as 3D animation, games development, mobile application and web development.

Paul McKillop, Curriculum Manager for Digital Industries at the college said: “Our work with Soldier On! is a unique community engagement project. It provides an opportunity for our Level 3 students to practically apply their learning, to expand their support for disadvantaged members of our community, and at the same time develop their own technical abilities”.

Steve Taylor, CEO of the museum said, “I am excited to be working with Soldier On! to strengthen our community ties, which is a key part of the museum’s mission.”

Due to changes brought about by Covid-19, there are only 6 places available; such a project could help you to regain a sense of purpose, improve your happiness and well-being, or support your journey to finding gainful employment. If you would like to participate please contact Project Manager, Murray Grant at 07825 475237.

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