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Minister for Business and Industry responds to construction concerns and UK heritage

We have received a letter from Nadhim Zahawi MP in response to the worries we have for the UK's heritage following the Prime Minister's call to 'Build, build, build!" that we raised with our local MP.

The Minster's said:

Thank you for your letter dated 6 July, enclosing correspondence from your constituent, Mr Nicholas Harrison, founder of the organisation Solider On!, who has raised concerns about the protection of UK heritage uncovered during construction work.

I believe that our local and national heritage should be protected. The National Planning Policy Framework, published by the Government in July 2018, sets out that heritage assets are an irreplaceable resource, and should be conserved in a manner appropriate to their significance, so that they can be enjoyed by future generations. The Framework states that plans should set out a positive strategy for the conservation and enjoyment of the historic environment, including heritage assets most at risk through neglect, decay or other threats. In his speech of 30 June, the Prime Minister set out the Government’s plans to ‘build, build, build’, and to bring forward radical reforms to the planning system to support this ambition. The Government does not intend that future planning reforms will damage the historic environment. Rather, such reforms will help to support the recovery of this country, and enable us to build back better, build back greener, and build back faster in the aftermath of COVID-19. Thank you again for taking the time to write. I hope you and Mr Harrison find this information useful.

Yours sincerely,


Minister for Business and Industry

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