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‘Unique outplacement programme available to help organisations manage redundancies due to Covid-19'

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, as many as 7.6 million jobs may be lost in the UK and unemployment could soar to as much as 24%. Tragically, organisations are having to prepare to make high numbers of people redundant, often following months already on furlough, whilst others are dramatically reducing the hours worked and pay of many employees. It has been estimated that some areas could see as many as 50% of jobs disappearing.

“Soldier On was set up at the height of the last financial crash. Since that time, we have helped many hundreds of people to secure new futures, the majority of whom didn’t know what they wanted to do. We’re not a recruitment company so don’t have list of vacancies and we also don’t put people through generic computer-based personality assessments. What we do is equip people with the necessary tools to enable them to create a career plan that is focused entirely on them, their unique situation and needs. Our approach is at the same time both sensitive to people's emotional state and highly practical.” - Nicholas Harrison, Career Transitions Expert & Founder of Soldier On!

According to a recent report compiled by McKinsey, the highest number of people in the ‘at risk’ category are those on low incomes, earning under £10/hour before coronavirus arrived. Potentially, some 50% of those facing job-losses are from amongst the most vulnerable in our society, including those with lower education, disabilities, part-time workers, especially women, and those from BAME community.

Alongside potential mass job-losses, it is expected that both physical and mental health will suffer, with depression, set to increase by half a million.

Redundancies generate far more than simply job-loss. Employees are facing a horrendous cocktail of financial stress, low self-esteem, loneliness, loss of community, sense of belonging, support networks, family cohesion, increased barriers to health support and treatment and all within an environment where people are faced with a daily barrage of ‘bad news’ that is beyond their control.

It is vital we act now, whilst people still have some level of financial security from their current employment, to prevent their situations becoming unmanageable and not wait until they are without a job and without a purpose. Poorly managed redundancies often sit at the top of a spiral of descent into social-isolation, poor health and marginalisation.

Soldier On! has over twelve years’ experience in helping people whose careers have come to an unplanned and abrupt end to secure rewarding new careers. The charity delivers a series of personal development courses and is now offering a practical and effective redundancy programme aimed at instilling optimism, direction and a self-managed career transition plans for your employees. With the potential to help people maintain their confidence, self-esteem, well-being and motivation levels this vital service can additionally benefit the well-being and loyalty of those who remain in your employment, having seen the efforts made to support those colleagues who are leaving..

A limited number of In-house group courses costing £5,000 for up to 10 participants will start in October, subject to restrictions on running group workshops as a result of Covid-19. Soldier On! are also happy to discuss delivering on-line group workshops immediately.

One-to-one support starts from as little as £55 per session with discounts available for full-programme purchase in advance.

Please note that the income raised through these courses is used to deliver our heritage-based events that help disadvantaged people move into independent and fulfilling futures through securing meaningful occupations.

Help and training is offered by Nicholas Harrison, leadership coach, author and academic researcher into career transitions and David Royston-Lee, psychologist and personal branding expert.

If you would like to find out more please email nicholas@soldieron.org.uk to arrange a time to discuss.

What others think...

- “As both a recipient of their service, and also responsible for employee engagement and personal development, I can testify to the uniqueness and value of the individually-focused work Soldier On! offers”

- “The two-day workshop was outstanding and really helped me open my eyes to understand my core strengths and desires and define my values to an employer or business.” – FTSE 100 Director

- “This was the catalyst that helped me secure employment in a job that has real prospects and progression.” – A job-seeker

- “...despite having lost my zeal over a number of years as a result of lower limb surgeries and living in constant severe pain, Nicholas somehow managed to re-light the fire in my belly, and I found a new energy within me”. – An employee made redundant

“Soldier On! gave me the self-confidence and ability to talk authentically and credibly about what I offered the work-place.” – MBA student

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