Soldier On! Projects

A taste of things to come...

We are working hard to create an exciting programme of events that cater for a variety of interests. You don't need any previous experience and we look forward to welcoming you on-site soon.  Once each project's planning phase is completed we will advertise the event and information about how you can join us. 

Working with a heritage museum and local college, we will be cosmetically restoring a Conqueror tank and practicing IT, social media, research and oral history/interview skills.

We have been given access to a school’s original C17th classroom which is covered in historical graffiti, their chapel and parish church graveyard.  Activities will include data transcription and recording graffiti, a graveyard survey of the extant headstones and to record the memorials in the chapel and to compile a heritage preservation document.

Partnering with a national heritage charity, we will be clearing the site of a military instillation and carrying out a range of archaeological and personal development activities.

Partnering with a local archaeological organisation and university, we will continue archaeological activities from previous years and deliver additional personal development activities.

We will be returning to a site in South Yorkshire that we have worked on previously.  The landowner, before he sadly died in 2019, added into his will permission for Soldier On! to continue our project.   Thanks to his kindness we will return, and this time are partnering with a local university who will manage the technical aspects of the archaeology allowing us to focus on the personal development.

Having conducted a survey of the Burial Ground at The Royal Hospital Chelsea, phase II of this project is to carry out a detailed research project into the lives of those buried at this location.

We have been invited to join a council archaeology department working on an Iron Age and Romano-British site.